Friday, 24 May 2013

Finally Made it to Nimborio This Trip

A hazy cloudy start to the day.
It wasn't long before blue skies predominated, although there have been clouds on and off throughout the day along with a lot of breeze. 
We decided that the temperature (and breeze) was ideal for a walk, so took ourselves off - passing this car which was the other way up when we saw it last night. Guess that's what you have to do if you don't have an inspection pit or a ramp and you aren't bothered about the bodywork.
More Symi faded paintwork. 
 Another door in need of attention (like the rest of the ruin).
How do you stop your bin blowing off the steps? A handy solution. 
A newly painted tyre planted out with wooden skewers and geraniums has appeared. 
A grand old house looking over Yialos above the "lazy steps". 
These two were involved in making good a scrape to the Symi's paintwork while their day trippers were off and about - bit scary with the ramp open onto the water like that.
The Artemis was back in port again, along with the Dodecanese and Symi.
How many Greek men does it take to move a chiller cabinet? 
Where else would you store it but up a steep flight of steps?
Popped into Debby's shop and treated myself to a couple of new shirts and then wandered past the Maritime Museum. 
It says it's open 10 - 3, but I haven't seen it open for quite a while. 
Walked on up the steep hill out of the back of Yialos, past the motorcycle graveyard.
These aliums are still happily flowering. 
Looked back at the Vigla to see the unmoving windmill - wonder if that will ever get fixed (along with various other projects on Symi…).
Made it to the top of the walk at St George's church - always a welcome rest stop, and beautiful views this way towards Turkey.
And this way towards Nimborio - our destination for the day. 
Such clear blue waters. 
Lovely hibiscus flowers are prolific at the moment. 
Thyme in flower on the hillside. 
A seedhead shining in the sun. 
A view to look at for hours, days, weeks, months… 
Nearly at Maria's! 
Had a lovely lunch and chilled out at the taverna for the rest of the afternoon. The most exciting part of the day was when this young girl, Tilley, swam out speedily and quite a way to rescue an umbrella that had blown into the water. The assembled throng applauded her prowess.
We decided to catch the taxiboat back to Yialos. I snapped some covert shots of Su as we left the taverna and she actually gave permission for me to use this one of her saying "Are you taking my picture, you rat?"
An unintentional photo of my shadow.
We picked up quite a bit of speed as we got going. 
As we turned the headland into Yialos, the Dodecanese Express was just leaving. 
It crossed with the Panagia Skiadeni, which came into the berth it had just vacated. 
Made our way to catch the 5 o'clock bus - past the impressive ANES offices, all closed up.
We had planned tonight to get to the opening of the Symi Gallery exhibition of "The Scary Show" of is monster work by the children of Symi. Running a bit late so may not make it as well as getting dinner and getting to the Sunrise Cafe later on. So much to do on Symi! 

This day a year ago, we were down in Yialos then Pedi and then up at James' & Neil's for drinks on their terrace. Saw the nerve center of the Symi Dream blog and met lovely Jack - the Alarm Cat with David Bowie eyes.
Su's news story of the day (BBC news website - click on the title for the full story):

Police stop cyclist in Bath for 'not wearing Lycra'

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