Friday, 31 May 2013

Very Different Flowers to Symi

It was so cold yesterday that we got the stove going, and kept it in overnight. This morning started off overcast.
Later on, the skies cleared a bit and it started to warm up.
Today was the day that I advertised the van for sale in AutoTrader, and I spent a few hours cleaning it to show it at its best. Now that it is in excellent mechanical condition, it should make someone very happy. Maybe you?!!
Took Bella out for her walk after my efforts, and (enhanced by the sunny afternoon) enjoyed the many changes in the vegetation since we left at the end of April. Su will show the changes taking place in our garden on her next blog posting - today I looked at other people's gardens and the fields. The aroma of this white lilac poking through a hedgerow was quite heady.
What was just a cut through at the back of a terrace when we went to Greece has turned into a country lane.
Bluebells abounded in this front garden, but they are the Spanish ones which are more pale and hybridise with the wild ones .  Hope to catch some wild bluebells soon as they are very late this year and still flowering - this Spring has been the coldest in the UK since 1962.
Ragged robin doing very well.
Fulsome border.
 The old Triumph on display in the sunshine.
Cows in this field after an absence of a few years - apparently there is a bull as well (for which Bella and I did not go looking).
Solsbury Hill under blue skies with fluffy clouds. At last some warm sunshine in the UK - no need for a jumper.
 The large umbellifers are starting to emerge…
Giant thistles looking threatening.
Down by the stream a plethora of mare's tail thriving in the boggy ground.
Lots of buttercups and red clover higher up the field..
On the other side of the stream, a profusion of wild garlic made its presence clear through its pungent aroma.
In a front garden, a large rosemary bush in flower attracted lots of bees.
Peonies in a front garden - wonder if this means gales are on the way? We grew peonies in our last house and whenever they flowered the wind would come up and blow all their petals off.
Valerian and poppies in this front garden.
I watched this garage being converted into one that it was possible to drive a car into without losing the exhaust at the bottom of the steep ramp - it was only a small sports car! I presume that the neighbouring garages are used (like most, it seems) to store "stuff".
Aqua legia of various hues have appeared during our sojourn in Symi
This was once a host of golden dandelions (and will be again!).
This day a year ago, we had left Symi and were in Rhodes awaiting our return to the UK. Enjoyed the turkish cemetery near the end of Mandraki harbour.
Su's news story of the day (BBC website - click on the title for the full story):

April Jones: The challenge to catch online child abusers

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