Thursday, 23 May 2013

Cloudy Day and Lots to See on Symi

Yesterday evening on the way back from Kampos supermarket, I spotted this confluence of old and new modes of transport.
Great clouds as the sun set. 
This morning was overcast, but bright with a warm breeze. 
Went off for lunch at the Olive Tree, which lasted for quite a while. On the way, spotted this clue as to where Santa might spend his Summer holidays…
After our extended lunch, we wandered down the Kalistrata past the Symi Dream shop into Yialos to try and complete the chores we didn't manage on yesterday's visit. Spotted the carpet of pomegranate flowers opposite that the Symi Dream blog mentioned today.
Grand doors on an old house on the Kalistrata. 
More faded grandeur. 
A freshly planted bed of wooden kebab skewers with some geraniums to attract the cats :-).
We decided that this boat belonged in a 1960s Gerry Anderson series like Stingray - one free with every packet of Sugar Puffs. 
Got much amusement from watching the late day trippers rushing back to catch the 4 pm departure of the Nikolaos.
We walked up the back of the road to Harani to explore parts of Yialos we haven't wandered before. Some great aspects. 
Rather grand letter box. 
Looking across to Tholos restaurant.
Spotted this little window built into steps up to an apartment - the original light tube?
This car has been here so long that it's merging with the concrete. 
A great bed of oleanders. 
Another interesting light source/ventilation opportunity. 
"Your room is on the top floor…
Another example of Symi's faded paintwork. 
Plumbing Symi style. 
This view of the "Lazy Days" shows how unlikely it is ever to put to sea again. 
Looking across to the clocktower. 
Up to the church above Harani, where we haven't been since our first visit here in 2005.
Great coquiilage in the churchyard - some original and some restored. 
Came back down into Yialos via Nos Beach, and saw this legacy of a festivity sprayed on a wall.
Had a drink at  Eva's Bar, and a chat to Adonis for the first time since last Autumn, then an early supper at the Trata before catching the bus back up to the Horio. The  Panagaia Skiadeni was coming in as we were about to leave.
Got off at the windmills better to appreciate the sunset. 
What a glorious sight. 
The skies got more and more intense. 
Wandered on down the hill past the bins with feral cats on patrol for pickings. 
A plaque of a trireme outside a house on the way down. 
The view over Yialos with the last of the sunset. 
This day a year ago, we were also down in Yialos and noticing the many boats in the harbour - including the Tilos Sea Star and the Proteus, neither of which have been in evidence this year.
Su's news story of the day (BBC website - click on the title for the full story):

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