Monday, 6 May 2013

Calm After Exploding Easter - and a Blessing

Another day, another sunny start and a forecast of 34º. Hard work, but somebody has to do it…
We took off  down to Yialos fairly early, looking up at the Vigla on the way.
Stopped to look over Yialos at the bend in the Kalistrata. 
An officially sanctioned portrait of Su's shadow (with hat) 
The Symi Gallery has moved down the Kalistrata by one building. Saw Ian last night, who told me they have a new exhibition opening on May 19th. 
Another opportunity for redevelopment? 
Looking up the steps the way we'd come.
We got a lift back up from Yialos with Frank, who had just picked up a couple of Belgian visitors from the boat. After lunch, we went along for the official opening and blessing of the Olive Tree - we were there before 2 pm, so had to wait until Tina let us in.
Jenine and Tina had been very busy getting ready to entertain visitors. This stack of cupcakes was most enticing.
Strawberry champagne was provided to drink their health. 
This was the Papas conducting the blessing ceremony before he blessed the premises and people inside with holy water.
This day a year ago, we were catching up with ourselves after our longer than anticipated drive of the day before. This was the street that I drove our hire car up the day before - when it was full of people. 
Su's news story of the day (From News Now – Google translation via Symi Dream blog)
“Arrested Saturday in Simi, by men of the Police Department of the island 30 foreigners, of whom 23 were Afghans (22 men – 1 minor) and 7 Syrians (4 men – 1 woman – 2 minors), for illegally entering the country, as they were not in possession of valid documentation. As a result of the police investigation so far, the arrested departed from the Turkish coast by boat (inflatable boat), which sank after they landed on the island of Symi. The preliminary investigation was conducted by the Police Department of Simi.”

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