Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Our Last Full Day on Symi - This Trip

Lovely light over the Pedi Valley hillside yesterday evening.
A little later on, the glow was more pronounced. 
Went to the Sunrise Cafe for a farewell session with George and Terri, which went on for 3 hours and even saw some dancing from Ian and Lynn. Afterwards, I was graced for a little while with the presence of the magnificent Noww.
A late night, and awake early enough to see the sun coming up at the end of the valley before getting a few more hours of sleep.
I went down to Yialos to get last euros out of the bank, to buy a spinach pie for lunch for Su & me, and to bid our goodbyes to Clare for this trip. 
A view of Yialos from the Kalistrata 
Looking up at a fairly well restored section of the Kalistrata. 
The only excursion boat in today was the Symi
Caught the bus to Pedi, where I rendezvoused with Su on a sunbed. It was already starting to cloud over, as forecast.
The bay had only a couple of yachts in. 
By the end of the afternoon, the skies were positively murky. 
The waters had calmed down from earlier. This was a low key day for our last full day on Symi this trip  - tomorrow will see us enduring much lower temperatures and rain by the end of the day.
This day a year ago, our time in Symi was drawing to and end for that trip, the weather was muggy and cloudy and I played at the Sunrise with George one last time that visit - plus ça change!
Su's news story of the day (BBC website - click on the title for the full story): 
In pictures: Global flight paths

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