Saturday, 25 May 2013

A Slow, Quiet Day on Symi

Went out for dinner last night at Syllogos as the moon rose over the hill.
After that, it was off to the Sunrise Cafe, where lots of quiet blues was played by George, Terri and me until about 12.30. Didn't stay too late, but we didn't get to sleep until gone 3 o'clock for some reason. Awoke too early (8 o'clock) to another lovely day.
Decided to treat ourselves to breakfast at the Olive Tree. On the way there, I admired this example of Greek scaffolding. 
Hope it gets reunited with its owner soon. 
As ever, I enjoyed the view from the terrace at the Olive Tree. 
Visited on our table by this very pretty insect. 
Admired this unusual Tic-Tac-Toe board and pieces.
Repaired back to our terrace and hung out there for the afternoon - Su read and wrote in her journal and I played a bit of guitar.
Later on, we went for a wander - passed these faded flower petals on the way out. 
Explored round the back of the apartment and a bit of the top of the Pedi Valley - great crop of thistles here.
Went past the unfinished sports hall. 
Had a look around inside - it's a great space and ideal for a possible Symi rock festival venue!
Great views from inside. 
Walked up the road a bit, and enjoyed the sight of this motorbike driving under a digger in the process of demolishing an old wall.
A young goat tethered in the back of this van - wonder what its fate will be? 
Good views across to the North side of the Horio from the Kastro to the windmils. 
A bit further on, another splendid view down the vally. 
Found ourselves on a flight path for a load of swifts. Took loads of photgraphs trying to catch them as they swooped past - this was the best I managed. 
Wandered past this bougainvillea along to the Rainbow Bar for a beer before coming back to the apartment. An early night tonight, and a more active day tomorrow!
This day a year ago, we woke too early after a late night to a cloudy day. Wandered down to Yialos for some boat spotting before playing at the Sunrise Cafe with Clare and George. 
Su's news story of the day (Daily Mail website - click on the title for the full story):

Fire brigade issue warning after rise in kitchen blazes caused by overheating ECCLES CAKES

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