Friday, 3 May 2013

Down to Yialos

Up and off before it got too hot this morning. Went down the Kalistrata past the Symi Dream shop.
Popped in to see Neil - the photographer snapped! 
The view across to Harani from the bend in the Kalistrata. 
It was a hot walk. 
Yialos glimpsed through a gap between houses. 
Now that is what I call a houseplant! 
Coquillage outside this house. 
View across to Nimos. 
Thistles growing. 
 Grasses glinting in the sun.
Looking up to Lemonitissa church. 
In the UK, these flowers are white and we call the plant bindweed (which I loathe with a passion!), but in Greece they are coloured and the plant is called convolvulus.
All mod cons in this open plan house. 
Down in Yialos, we went to Waitrose. 
A T- shirt that I would expect all the local bomb manufacturers to be wearing this year. Bangs have been going off all day, but we expect the really big ones tonight. As well as bombs, the bells have been tolling funereal peals for Good Friday. Tomorrow midnight is a big celebration of the resurrection, so we'll be at a church somewhere for that and the fireworks display, no doubt.
Oleander flowers down by the harbour. 
Not a traditional Symiot colour scheme. 
We stopped for a coffee in the Agialos cafe as the Diagoras berthed on its way to Kastellorizo (according to Andy Ward's blog entry of today
You know you're in a Greek supermarket when there are octopi in the freezer cabinet. 
Got the bus back with our load of shopping, had lunch and then I sat outside and played my guitar for a while - need to get practice in for playing with George and Claire at the Sunrise Kafeneion on Monday night (not Saturday this week because of the Easter activities).
The view from our apartment down the Pedi Valley today. 
This day a year ago, our landlady took us and some other guests off to Avlaki beach for the day.
Su's news story of the day (BBC website - click on the title for the full story).

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