Wednesday, 8 May 2013

VE Symi Day and The Parkers et al Arrive

A cloudy start to the day, as forecast.
The sun struggled to shine through the clouds, but mostly didn't manage it. 
Walked down to Yialos, passing this indispensable sign to the Sunrise Cafe
Looking up at the Vigla, with clouds over it. 
Handy place to leave a banana skin for someone coming out of their front door. 
 Looking down to the clock tower and across to Harani.
Another opportunity on the Kalistrata. 
Went down to Yialos for the marking of the German surrender at the end of World War II, which was signed on Symi. Everything happened in front of the war memorial. The first thing to happen was the army band forming up. 
Troops lined up, waiting for things to get going ("I can't talk now, I'm on parade").
People in traditional dress arriving (they did some dancing in the square later on).
Troops formed up and properly on parade. 
 Shouldering arms.
The first of many priests coming along and blessing the assembled throng.
The War Memorial.
 Lots of wreaths were laid by various organisations.
Then the parade began with the Red Cross. 
Followed by various groups of schoolchildren. 
Then this blue-bloused/shirted, white-skirted/trousered group.
 The group in traditional dress.
 An unscheduled pair of participants on their bicycle.
Lots of squads of troops paraded past.
Finishing off with some bazoookas. Apologies for not being more specific about the various groups - Neil was there taking photographs, so I expect that the excellent Symi Dream blog will have some information about this tomorrow. 
Part way through the proceedings, Su moved to a less crowded spot and met up with George who introduced her to Evio Evan, where I rendezvoused with them afterwards. Eventually we wandered along to catch the bus up to the Horio, spotting the Dodecanese Express, The Panagia Skiadeni and the Nikolaos in port,
After an afternoon hanging out at the apartment, we walked back down to Yialos, in time to meet the Dodecanese Express returning from Rhodes.
Richard disembarking. 
Norman in Elpida's captured after dumping his luggage 
We went to the Trata and got the party their tables. Richard with his first Mythos of the trip, with Barbara looking on.
Trish and Caroline waiting for their dinner… 
We left them to it, and caught the last bus of the day back up to Horio, and popped into the Sunrise Cafe for another drink, seeing some familiar faces again today.
This day a year ago, we enjoyed visiting the castle in Molivos, before going exploring and ending up at Eftalou beach for early evening.
Su's news story of the day (BBC website - click on the title for full story):

The surprising uses for birdsong

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