Saturday, 11 May 2013

Walking Down the Kataraktakis

Last night's sky was tinged with an orange glow in the clouds.
We strolled along to the Sunrise Cafe later in the evening. The house opposite will be seeing a newly married couple move in on Sunday, so yesterday was the bed-making festivities. 
 This morning was a lot brighter than yesterday.
Blue skies all round. 
Went for a walk, passing the Windmill Restaurant, which may be open before we leave this month, but which should definitely still be open when we're back in the Autumn. 
Walked along the road above Lemonitissa church - great views down to Yialos, the edge of Harani harbour and across to Nimos.
Little church as we came round the curve heading towards the top of the Kataraktakis. 
 Faded magnificence up above us.
Not sure what this sign was celebrating - my schoolboy maths Greek letters and Google couldn't help. Wondered if this was from another bed-making? Just got a message from Claire Joseph "The signs on the house are: (top one) Kalos Irthate meaning welcome and the one below has the names of the family that live there: Dimitris, Sevasti, Filimonas & Lambros. They are my downstairs neighbours." Will be seeing Claire later on at the Sunrise Cafe along with George for some music - may be a mystery ukulele player too!

At the top of the Kataraktakis looking down. 
Lovely little umbellifer-like flowers growing out of the steps. 
Looking up at the gorge along the side of the steps. Wondered what it must be like with the winter rains rushing down here.
Poppies still everywhere - this one was beautifully folded. 
Went through the back of Yialos - spotting that the creepy surreal ice-cream cone has had a fresh coat of paint since last year. 
Walked up towards Harani, seeing that the Symi was back in service again.
Bumped into Barbara and Richard en route, as the Panagia Skiadeni came in for the afternoon, disgorging lots more day trippers from Rhodes (the Nikolaos was already berthed).
Further round Harani harbour, the Lazy Days is now definitely past its best, but still good enough to offer a place to rest.
We wandered round to the Paradise Cafe at Nos Beach, where we sat at a table next to Caroline, Elaine and Trish before they went off to resume their sunbathing. Enjoyed a very tasty lunch and the view out to sea across to a very hazy Turkey. 
Wandered back round for the bus back up to the Horio, passing this cactus in flower just after Tholos Taverna.
The Noddy train was doing a good trade ferrying people around the harbour front.
Bumped into Andy Ward on his way to board the Dodecanese Express en route back to the U.K - hope to coincide with him in the Autumn. Also leaving today are Allan & Julie, our next door neighbours at our apartments for the last 10 days, who we won't overlap with in September. Saw this sign last year, but without the appetising-looking flowers.  
This day a year ago, we were back at Skala Sikaminia on Lesbos enjoying this virtually deserted beach for the afternoon before a having a very late lunch in the village.
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