Monday, 27 May 2013

The Lure of The Beach on Symi

Wandered off for dinner last night down to the Taverna Hartomeni for the first time (but not the last!). On the way, we enjoyed the setting sun.
As we approached the taverna, the Panagia Skiadeni was coming into port. 
We had a ringside seat of the sunset at the taverna, as well as a really delicious meal. 
This morning, it was another brilliant sunrise and promised to be another warm day. 
The skies were unbroken blue. 
Went off for a coffee at the Olive Tree, where we met up with Hilary for a catch-up chat. On the way, saw another example of Greek plumbing, doubling up as a cat resting place. 
A bag full of herbs on this motorbike. 
Walked down to Pedi, spotting this incense burner on the way.
Lovely courgette flower being visited by a stream of ants.
An interesting bit of wall building to fit the tree - hope it doesn't get any bigger! 
A new cargo boat was in port at Pedi - we didn't plan to stick around to listen to it unloading all day. 
We went off to St Nick's beach once again, where I admired the tenacity of this ant lugging a shiny dead beetle back to the nest. 
Tamarisk trees on St Nick's offer lots of shade and handy places to hang your clothes.
The beach was quiet. 
Later on, I enjoyed this conjunction of curves in the hill, sky and parasol.
After lunch in the taverna, we returned to our sunbeds. The wind came up and it clouded over for a while - a couple of hours later and it has all cleared again
Waiting for the taxi boat back to Pedi, Su drew my attention to this construction on the quay that looked a little like a treble clef.
Walked back up from Pedi, spotting this sleeping cat on the way - a brick for a pillow and a blanket. 
 Proud chicken with her chicks in the boatyard.
Where else would you store your old gas cylinders than in the back of an old car?
This day a year ago we walked to Nimborio, stopping at St George's church on the way, as part of a proper tourist day.
Su's news story of the day (BBC website - click on the title for the full story): 
Self-assembling furniture 'grows like popcorn'

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