Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Pic (view of Bathwick Hill taken from Sion Hill in Bath) was taken a couple of weeks ago but no doubt this is what it will look like by the weekend if the weather forecast's right.
Spent another day hunting for "stuff". That's what I call shopping for anything that's not keeping me alive - food, clothing etc. It's in abundance at the moment as you all probably know, but where are the shoppers? I was in Ikea this morning - empty....moved on to Homebase - empty. Even the traffic was "thinner" than usual. Maybe everyone's gone to Bristol. Or maybe they've just run out of money! Now that would be a first.
Came home and tackled some DIY chores that usually fall to the male of the species. Out came the mastic to fill in round the skirting boards - no draughts! Moved on to hanging the blind that's been sat in the corner waiting to be returned to it's rightful place since I don't know when. Got the hoover out to tackle the whole of the ground floor and the stairs. Had enough of that thank you. So been cooking dinner.....which is just about ready. In case you're interested, it's salmon with rice and roast peppers.


  1. What is a Hoover? I don't understand these things.

  2. I wish I'd known you were in the hoovering mood... it's not that far to Lancashire...