Sunday, 26 December 2010

Late Christmas Day blog!

So disappointed that we couldn't write blog yesterday as British Telecom had cut us off from the world wide web. It's still intermittent today so quickly writing this while I can.
So a belated Merry Christmas to our readers and hope you've enjoyed your day.
The pic today is taken at dawn this morning. As I was indoors all of yesterday I was keen to get some air - until I got outside! Bella's happy to frolic outdoors not matter what the weather or temperature which I suppose is the point of martyring myself year in year out. We've tried being dog-less - I think we lasted 6 months - but a 20+ year habit of "making the effort" not matter what is hard to shrug off.
A bit like Christmas......always dread it, always succumb to it, always do it!

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