Wednesday, 8 December 2010

iPad overdose and sunshine

My brain is starting to get in gear a bit more after the operation ("About time and it's still got a long way to go", I'm sure I hear Su mutter:-)!) Yesterday, I set up a friend's new iPad (in the process missing the delivery of my own!) so today I have been playing with the new toy and seeing what it can and can't do compared to my laptop. Maybe there's a business opportunity here for me after the education cuts really bite (big vote on tuition fees tomorrow, so look out for lots of students and lecturers on the streets of London on the evening news).

One thing I used it for was to look up a recipe, which I then cooked - salmon en croute (without the creamy sauce), which was very tasty, thanks to Su's excellent guidance.

All this was after another cold walk with Bella, but lovely today as the sun was out and showing off winter wonderland to great effect.  This helped to take my mind off the wind...

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