Thursday, 16 December 2010

Out with Bella

After being down in town for the last two mornings, I had a day in the country today.  I met up for lunch at Chew Valley Lake with my work colleague, Bob,  who is also the mandolin player in Left At The Lights, the elusive acoustic/folkrock/jazz combo. He is off work awaiting an operation next week, so we discussed how it will feel to go back after time away, as well as the likely impending strike action at UWE.  Bella and I were a bit early getting there, so we spent a windswept 25 minutes with me throwing sticks and looking at the reeds, while Bella chased and chewed sticks (such fun we have!).
After lunch, we went over to Greyfield Woods, on the edge of Clutton (where we used to live), managing to miss the rain and getting rewarded with some sunshine at the end of our stomp.
Then it was back into Bath, and into Sainsbury's (such joy) before coming home.

On other fronts, Su & I are getting somewhere with thinking about what I might do to occupy myself and earn a bit of cash when I retire, but not sure how portable it will be to other countries - watch this space as things unfold.

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