Friday, 31 December 2010

21 more page views by midnight, please!

Looking at our page views statistics, as I write we are 21 page views short of having more traffic this month than last - can you push us higher? Looking at the graph since we started in late September is amazing - thanks again to all our readers in 2010, and we look forward to your return viewing and comments in 2011.

I am finally snuffling my way to the end of my (non gender-specific) cold, and hope to be clear of it by midnight (&/or be suitably anaesthetised so that it does not matter!).  I will write no more of it...

Today Su and I celebrated the disappearance of the fog and being able to see further than 10 yards by going off to Westonbirt with Bella.  We stopped by the Royal Oak there, but they weren't serving! 
That's all from me for 2010 - 
Happy New Year!!!

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