Thursday, 23 December 2010


I took this pic last night after discovering the "night" option on my camera. (Only taken me 2 years to work it out.) The bright golden glow on the right is a street light but the beaming white orb is the moon! I shall continue to play with this new setting and will hopefully be able to show you better quality pics in the future.
Today we've been having fun making the house look more festive in preparation for the invasion on the 25th. Cards have been strung up, little coloured lights are glowing all over the house and the silver gossamer I bought a year or two ago is strewn over every picture and object d'art I can see. The little Christmas tree is suitably adorned as is the yukka plant standing in the corner. Now I just have to think about food while Marcus makes an impression with the hoover.....but that's for tomorrow.
Just a mention that poor Bella is a bit under the weather AND has developed a bit of arthritis in her hips and one of her paws. So she's tucked up and drugged up (antibiotics) and will be cosseted until she perks up again.

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