Sunday, 12 December 2010

"Have You Just..."

"...taken a picture off me bending over?", asked Su at Brean beach this afternoon.  That's between me and my computer files! We had the place virtually to ourselves - miles and miles of sand/mud and brilliant sunshine and blue skies.  It was lovely walking towards the sun, but not so good when we walked back into the cold breeze that sprang up as the sun started to descend.
We saw lots of interesting (to me) things. This row of stakes (to keep cars off the end of the beach, where some used to get stuck in the mud and drowned by the tide).

We also saw this log/monster - all in all a bit like the Turner prize shortlist.

And to think I could have stayed at home and done the ironing, rather than see this sign as well.

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  1. I think that log/monster was far better than some of the rubbish called "art" that has won the Turner prize