Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A Three Film Day

Tramping the streets with Bella this morning, more evidence of Christmas' end.
Managed to keep her from snaffling this bread put out for the birds.
A theme-lette today is street notices.  This one totally indecipherable after exposure to the elements despite being encased in a plastic wallet.
This shows what happens to plastic wallets as well after enough time.
Still flowers blooming...
More discarded food - this time a half-eaten cartoon banana.
Another street notice - this one in better condition (stuck up with plasters), featuring Smudge with the searchlight eyes.  Hope s/he gets found soon.
Waiting for the bus to go down into town, noticed the old sign painted above what is now a corner shop and estate agent. Lots of these still about in Bath...
Went down to get Su a new pair of walking boots - that do not leak, unlike her other two pairs.
A good range to choose from - and a successful purchase.  
Went to the Little Theatre to see the first of three films today.
We were down at  Silver Screen with Orange 241 concession (so £4.20 for us both with a cup of tea and a bit of cake thrown in!) to see the Italian film, "We Have A Pope".  Very good, very funny in places, poignant in others. Better than the three stars I saw one reviewer give it, and definitely worth seeing.
Came home, and (with a few other people) helped neighbour Kevin push his heavy VW people-carrier with a broken clutch back up the hill enough for him to park parallel to the curb. We then swapped films - I gave him the original Swedish version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and he lent me Super 8. This film surprised me - basically aimed at a young audience with some very dark passages, good special effects, and some nice historical touches about filming on Super 8. Probably not worth going out of your way to see, unless you are a J.J. Abrams completist but worth catching if it comes on TV.
We are now watching  Mama Mia! again. Su promised a Facebook friend that she would give it a second try. Some funny touches, and I believe that Meryl Streep and Julie Walters are great actors (not necessarily on the evidence of this film...). I believed that Piers Brosnan could be James Bond (and even that he could be a vulcanologist in Dante's Peak), but I still don't believe that he can sing! Even before the end of the film, I know that it is the least best of today's crop!
The wind and rain have returned, but should be gone by the morning, when we plan to zoom up to Westonbirt before coming back in the afternoon to talk to a letting agent about the possibility of letting this house out...

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