Thursday, 12 January 2012

Christmas Tree Carnage

Today was the day when loads of people put out their Christmas trees, hoping that the recycling teams would take them away.  They didn't so the streets are littered with discarded dead conifers...

Before that, I had a go at removing some of the moss and slippery surface from our wooden decking at the beach of the house - using this evil looking device, originally meant for brick and slab paving.  Pretty effective at getting into the grooves of wooden decking. I made a slight impression on the slipperiness, but really need to play with a power hose to get rid of it all.
Out there in the open air, I saw that the planes had been having lots of fun scribbling across the sky.
Later on, Su and I went for lunch at Prior Park to be greeted by a giant spade outside the entrance. It must have been 12 foot high!
Then we went on a scouting trip of possible places to buy. Saw this near one flat by the river. I have no idea what a bumped sewer might be - maybe someone can tell us?
On a stretch of old railway that was threatened for use as a bus route. This was before the Conservatives lost control of the council at the last election, and the scheme got scrapped.
Walking Bella, saw these flowers in bloom. Maybe the impending frosts will spare them..
A lost pair of glasses. Hope the owner is reunited with them soon.
The afternoon, having threatened rain, brightened up and again put on a brilliant display all the way home

On the moving front, things are moving! Tomorrow we have the photographer coming to take photos of the house for the estate agents advertising in the morning, and our first viewing in the afternoon. Gulp! We think we have agreed on our pied a terre, but haven't yet put in a bid.  Always something else to talk about, and new houses on RightMove every day...

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