Wednesday, 11 January 2012

House Hunting

Another day on the house trail, this time actually going inside them.  On the way to visit the first house, saw this delivery van for whole food super conglomerate based in Bristol.
 After seeing a second house in the afternoon we went to look at a flat, seeing these drifting seagulls against a dramatic sky.
 Took Bella for a walk, and saw these primroses in full flower - on 11th January.
 Walking down the hill into Larkhall, the skies were a treat, and the steeple of St Saviours Church shone in the sunlight.
 This tree so smothered in lichen that it really stood out on the hillside.
 The wheel of the van showing the hub-cap-retaining cable ties.
 Two very different types of cloud combined to produce this "Wow!" moment.
 Big clouds!
 Great light show.
  Dog at the top of the valley.
Panoramic skyscape.
We went back to look at the first house we visited today again this evening. It is very tempting but it has no outside space.  The second house we visited today has two front and back gardens, but is smaller inside.  We may go and have another look at it - or maybe neither of these houses is the house for us. Time will tell.  We crossed a bridge today though, by deciding to put our house on the market - the photographer is coming to take beautiful pictures on Friday.  Change is happening!

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