Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Miscellany of a Day

Forgot to write last night that we watched "The Cave of Forgotten Dreams" (2D version on DVD) - the Werner Herzog film about the Chauvet cave in France with 35,000 year old paintings.  The paintings are amazing, but the commentary was quite soporific as was the music, so a mixed review from me.
We have decided that the house that we thought we might move to really is too small. This has led us to decide to take ours off the market and take stock of what we are doing. We've had a nice clean house for weeks mind you! In the meantime, we have decided to reorganise our space at home quite differently, of which news as it happens. I fear that this means visits to Ikea...

This morning was brighter than the last few days - great to see light in the sky.
We went out for breakfast - passed our wallflowers on the way.
As it was such a nice day, after breakfast we came home and collected Bella before heading off towards Chew Magna and then on to Chew Valley Lake. Su had a chance to test her ultra-warm, home-made-in-Canada gloves (thanks Guy and Wendy!).
Walking round the lake, we saw this van - I personally don't see the relevance of the religious beliefs to the efficacy of the hedge trimming. Maybe I should set up shop as the Atheist Photographer?
Further round, there has been a lot of work clearing grass and reeds and digging up trees. Lovely smell of woodsmoke on the air.
The skies cleared and the weather was calm and still, if pretty cold.
Remnants of seed heads caught my eye.
We sat and enjoyed the peace and calm of the afternoon while Bella gradually and happily chewed her way through her stick.
The sun reflecting on the water over Denny Island showed off this flotilla of geese very well.
In memory of somebody who enjoyed sitting here looking at the lake?
One last look after we had nipped into the cafe for a cuppa and a sausage roll, and before we came home.
One of the fruits of our trip to Chew Magna was Su's purchase of this ornament - Su is looking for a name for her, so all suggestions through the Comments box please. 
This day a year ago, I wrote about my back recovery regime and a walk so murky I couldn't see Keynsham from Lansdown. Posted this photo of lichen as an example of brightness on a gloomy day.
Finally, many thanks to all our readers for making January our highest ever number of page views.  At the time of writing, we have had 1,666 this month - a whopping 146 more than our previous highest readership in October last year. I'll let you know the final total tomorrow.

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