Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A New Month At Last

At last we have seen the back of January.  Final total of page views for the blog in was 1684, nearly 11% up on our previous highest - thanks again! Brightness in the skies early on as I took Bella out for a shorter walk than usual.
Spotted this roller leaning nonchalantly up against the wall - waiting for a lift?
Having started the reorganisation of our space, my guitar took pride of place for a few short hours before being moved to its new home in the house.
As anticipated, all this internal moving resulted in a trip to sample the joys of Ikea. Su treated me to one of their slap-up 99p breakfasts first.  Duly fortified, we navigated our way through sofa beds, beds, rugs and other areas of the emporium.
Emerged to a beautiful clear, sunny and cold day. Stopped off on the way home for a coffee at the Rose and Crown in Wick.
The sun really caught our stained glass window today - never seen this projection before.
We took Bella out for a walk up by golf course, where it was really cold - and that was before the wind hit us!
Beautiful vistas though, with a soft haziness to the landscape.
Not a cloud in the sky...
This tree stood out against the brilliant blue sky.
Su really likes these steps up to the wall.
Coming back through the woods, the sunlight illuminated the trees and forest floor.
This day a year ago Su had locked herself out of the house but then managed to get in by a secret method (no longer possible, so we need to be careful with our keys! She posted this photograph of the moon (source unknown).
Amazingly, tonight there was still light in the sky at ten to six - thank God it's February! 

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