Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Kidnapped by Orange

I took loads of photos yesterday, so some catching-up after Su's blog appearance yesterday.  This seen above a doorway on one of the nearby terraces. What the significance of "Bath-Sun-Fire" may be eludes me at the moment.
This at Chew Valley Lake - don't fall in and need a lifebelt!
The bridge at the furthest reach of our usual walk with Bella - after this, it gets a bit boggier and birds breed, so dogs discouraged.
The ends of this newly sawn coppice really shone out.
Down at the water's edge as the sun began its descent, the remaining reeds stood vigil.
The sky was magnificent once more.
Couldn't resist a panoramic opportunity.
Today, we were going to nip into town briefly to do a couple of errands before zooming off on a jaunt this afternoon.  Passed this gravity-defying wall, which has been like that as long as we've been here.  I'm sure it's getting worse!
(Non-functional) water fountain in Hedgemead Park.
A folly - part of the butressing that keeps the hillside in place, disguised as a castle.
Su and I speculated what might be the cause of this impressive carbuncle-like growth on this tree. It was festooned with lots of smaller ones all over.
St Swithin's Church catching the sun.
What a romantic proposition!
Great mirrored ornamental piece in a shop display.
We went to SpecSavers, where Su's broken glasses frame was replaced free-of-charge, and passed Bellot's, a rather exclusive club - formerly a poorhouse if my 45 year-old Latin is right.
We went to have a quick look at new iPhones before deciding that my current one is OK still. It was time to upgrade Su's steam-driven mobile phone so that we can actually communicate in Hong Kong.  That was all and well and good, apart from the fact that their systems were playing up.  We ended up being in there for an hour and a half, just to buy a phone!
As recompense, we went for lunch (courtesy of a Groupon voucher we have had for a while) at Bonghy-Bo, which serves Asian fusion food, and very nice too!
We rounded off our sojourn in town with a coffee and a shared piece of Tunisian orange cake before catching the bus back up the hill. Came home to find the pansies have come out.
Bella was very glad to see us, as we had been longer than we had expected. So it wasn't long before I was off out on a walk with her. Passed a gardening neighbour, who asked us if we wanted a Black Lab calendar with lots of nice pictures (they have cats apparently and hadn't wanted to use it - because the cats might be upset?).  Bella said thank you very much and got me to carry it on our walk.
This day last year, I had just set my last ever exam papers at UWE.  And I wished those who think I may not have a romantic bone in my body - Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. What you saw was a fire insurance mark, Marcus - see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fire_insurance_mark

    In the early days of fire insurance each insurer had its own fire brigade, and they would only deal with fires in buildings that showed their own company's mark.

    Bonghy-Bo is a favourite of mine!

  2. The Bath Sun Fire roundel is an old 18th century sign indicating which fire fighting company dealt with that building