Monday, 20 February 2012

New Territories

Well not really, as far as the technical naming system goes, but I got as far as Sha Tin - north of Kowloon today.   This was the view from our window last night as the sun set.
The train from Hung Hom up to Fo Tan was quiet - but the stream of people coming the other way just before 9 a.m. was impressive!
Followed my nose to find my way to the college where I am teaching, and eventually was rewarded by a sign That I was on the right track! 
The view looking down at a central courtyard - even looks as inspiring as UWE ( but trees in flower in February)
Just like UWE, with chairs at the end of walkways in a really inviting position. 
I even found this noticeboard with photos of my predecessors this academic year!
At lunchtime the students whisked me away to a local-ish restaurant for dim sum.  They seemed impressed when I knew most of the dishes that appeared, when they saw me use chopsticks and when I ate chicken's feet. Coming back, I wondered quite what went on in this facility…
Spent six hours in this space with the 12 students today. Think that they are starting to get the hang of quite what the crazy English lecturer is on about! I liked these pentagonal workstation desks that facilitated small group work as a function of their design…
On the way home, saw this sign in the lift going down to the ground floor.
A peaceful walk back to the station (not)
Mixed streams of traffic on the footpath led to this rather confusing sign.  Like all signs in Hong Kong, it is handily (for English & Cantonese speakers) bilingual.
The approach to the station features the grandly named Palazzo
The train back was more crowded than the morning, but not as much as those going northwards towards the real New Territories.
A long enough message about HIV prevention for blokes to register?
Came back to the hotel and Su, who had walked her socks off all over Kowloon by the sounds of it.  We went out for a nice bit of Chinese nosh in a nearby eatery before coming back to the hotel for nibbles and wine. Now back in our room admiring the view before we crash out for the night.
This day a year ago, we went to the Beach via Cross - where we stopped to photograph some of the weirdest topiary I have ever seen.


  1. I hope you both manage to last a whole week. Sounds even more exciting than Bath.

  2. That sign was bilingual in Cyclist and Pedestrian!