Sunday, 5 February 2012

All Thawed Out

Woke up to a lot less snow than last night, but still some about and quite a bit of compacted ice - very slippery with snowmelt on top. Even Bella had a skid at one stage.
As usual, the roads were more passable than the pavements - with not much traffic venturing out this morning.
The skies started to show some variation, but no sunlight yet.
Managed to catch up with the contents of both weekend papers in a marathon reading session before putting a second coat on this wall, in what will become our bedroom as part of the great move around the house.
Su's not been feeling too bright this weekend, but well enough to produce a delicious coffee and walnut cake!
Off out with Bella after that. Spotted this hand tagged van - easier to clean off than spray paint.
I was taken by the confluence with the rising moon of these sprouting mosses on top of a garden wall.
Looking over to Solsbury Hill as the skies cleared to ensure another cold night.
On the other side of the valley, I turned round and saw this amazing display. As well as the grandeur of the main sunset, I was impressed by the little clouds with tails on the right of the panorama.
This day a year ago, Su was pet sitting for two animals (both unfortunately no longer with us) - Chips, a lovely dog, and Cirrus the cat.
More Hong Kong preparation tomorrow, and probably another swim plus whatever else the day provides.

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