Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Teaching Slog & Nunnery Visit

Back to Sha Tin and teaching for another day.  Bit of a hard slog for the students and me, as we covered Privacy theory and Ethical theories in a day.  The terminology and concepts are hard enough for many native English speakers to grasp, so these students are having to work really hard. To give them their due, they are keeping up pretty well. Before I got to IVE (the Institute for Voluntary Education), I noticed that even the trees are numbered in Hong Kong!
On the train, I sat opposite this masked (and hence anonymous) man.  You see quite a few people wearing face masks here.
Walking from Fo Tan station to IVE, I noticed some street art - the first I have seen here.  There is virtually no UK-style tagging or graffiti here.
Also on the way, saw that somebody had changed this street sign with some QR code stickers. I have not yet tried to read them to see which website they lead to.
At the college, saw lots of student lockers tied up with string of various colours. Saw soe with padlocks later on, so not sure if these are occupied.
 These signs are displayed around the campus - wherever there are tables and chairs.
The view from a central courtyard of the college.  The area is really built up and busy with traffic, but flanked by high hills covered in trees.
A pile of fallen petals from Hong Kong orchid trees 

While I was teaching, Su went off to some gardens and visited a Buddhist nunnery, which sounds amazingly peaceful.  She has loads of photographs but has been wrestling with getting them from her iPad onto the blog.  She has promised a bumper photo-edition posting after we get back to the UK, when she can use her laptop.

This day a year ago, we took these two cuties to their new quarters where they have happily settled in.

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