Sunday, 26 February 2012


Woke at 4.30, as did Su who got up and made us a cup of tea and some toast. After another couple of hours sleep we finally got up to another lovely bright day.
Walked Bella to get the paper (which I still haven't managed to read all of, along with yesterday's - but we have caught up with quite a few recorded TV programmes). Birdsong all around provided the soundtrack to a lovely Spring morning. Passed the two cars which had removal notices on, and saw they now both have new tax discs - but still haven't moved. The daffodils are also starting to pop up en masse. I look forward to seeing how these regimented ones look when they bloom.
The BT Infinity box that was tagged has been resprayed - wonder how long it will stay so pristine?
Had a slow morning - we both have post aircraft sinuses as well as time disorientation, so playing a gentle bit of ball with Bella in the front garden sunshine was about all I could manage for a while.
Later on we went for a walk up to Charlcombe church. On the way, we saw that the toad- and frog-friendly road closure has started. This doesn't completely stop traffic - local residents come through, and some sneaky non-residents, but it makes the road a lot quieter. A treat after Hong Kong's bustle.
Amphibians welcome.
We sat in the garden of the churchyard, and managed to keep Bella out of the holy well - she keep herself happy chewing sticks.
The apple tree we sat under was covered in lots of lichen, set off well by the blue sky.
The church.
Snowdrops were out in profusion around the cemetery.
Evidence of former railings - maybe they were sawn off for tanks in World War Two?
Winter flowering cherry in full bloom on the way back.
Yet another entrant in my collection of lost gloves photographs.
We have another graffiti artist in operation - somebody very tall, or carrying a stepladder from the height of this tag!
This day a year ago, Su had a dayschool at the Open University building in Bristol.  This was the cue for some dim sum ( a bit of a them these days!) and a wander around the centre in Spring sunshine.  Took in a few sights, including these Morris Men.

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