Thursday, 2 February 2012

Bright and Freezing

A clear and bright start to the day. Noticed that the sun is rising earlier and further round the hill each day - signs of Spring's approach.
Have moved my work area for the third time in as many months. This is the new view from my desk - not in the hallway but the former living room. Most of our rooms now are in transit...
Had a good session getting stuck in to preparing more materials for Hong Kong's February teaching.  Just about sorted now (loads of background reading and video watching still to do, of course!). After  a late lunch of Su's spicy parsnip soup, she gave me a lift across the valley into the sunshine. Walking up to Charlcombe Church, saw this notice for a talk.  The title suited the temperature on the walk!
The sky was cloudless and brilliant blue again, and the sun picked out the colour of the trees.
In the churchyard garden, this water trough was frozen solid.
The primroses have come out - hope they survive the cold snap...
The bark on these trees really shone out in the sun.
Luckily I was wearing my handmade-in-Canada gloves, so stayed warm (apart from my photographing hand...).
Couldn't resist the opportunity for a panoramic construction of this stand of woodland gleaming in the sunshine.
Coming down into Charlcombe valley, the colours were beautiful. The challenging wind was from the East, straight off the Urals by the feel of it!
Another in the discarded gloves collection - this time a light blue surgical glove.  I saw its partner discarded a bit further along the path and wondered what scenario led to them being abandoned...
This day a year ago, the teaching union at UWE voted to go on strike - a move that led to successful resolution.
Tomorrow looks set to be another cold and clear day.  Thoughts of going to Westonbirt will have to wait until the temperature rises a bit - pretty as it might be, the cold would turn it into an endurance test.

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