Friday, 10 February 2012

Tinged with White

Woke up to find we'd had a snowfall in the night.
The poor yucca plant was not very happy
Out the back of the house, the view was bleak
Dropped Su down into town to go shopping for Hong Kong clothes - very successfully as it transpired, when she came back with lots of nice things to wear. Ran the hoover around the house, and then went up to see a cartoonist neighbour to talk about scanning, software and Apple Macs generally. Came home and gave in to Bella's desire for a walk. Lots of crinkly snow still on car windscreens.
This branch looked nicely decorated.
Lost glove hanging from a tree.  Great camouflage pattern.
And another jolly pair, carefully laid out on a garden wall for the owner to retrieve.
The fields were still quite cold, and lots of snow lying about.  Not that Bella minded - she happily sniffed every blade of grass.
The skies had a tinge of colour, but not very promising …
This day a year ago, I was on strike as part of a dispute with the University, accompanied by my office colleague, Stephen, and lots of UCU colleagues, as well as some supportive students.  It was his first-ever picket line.
Tonight we are going out to see "The Descendants",  the George Clooney, Oscar-nominated film. Review to follow...

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