Saturday, 4 February 2012

Proper Winter Weather

Another cold and sunny start to the day, but with more haze and cloud than of late.  This was the view out of the back of our house (cold in just a dressing gown - such dedication to my art:-)!).
This was the view out of the front of the house.
Walking up the road, I noticed how the frost patterns depended on the surface they formed on. This bin lid had quite large crystals.
While this car had delicate filigree patterns...
By the time I got to the top of the hill, the clouds had started to arrive
Round the hill, this gave a pretty display before the sky completely greyed over.
Bella found the merest fragment of a tennis ball which she proudly carried home!
Got a phone call from Su alerting me to photo opportunities down by the canal, which was frozen over.
The ice was an inch or more thick.  My neighbour told me that his son (who goes to school nearby) was bashing away at it with a stick yesterday, but didn't manage to break it.
Met up with Su for a coffee at the George - a very popular eating and drinking establishment.
Came home and had some lunch then watched the snow start to fall. After an hour of this, decided that I had better take Bella out sooner rather than later.
At the back of a neighbour's house, a handy outdoor heater - just the weather for it.
The snow quietened the afternoon down, and muted some colours but brought out some others.
Everything got a layer of snow.
Up the country lane
Amazingly, somehow Bella found yet another tennis ball in the hedgerow.  She must have the biggest collection of any dog in Bath! She of course wanted me to kick it for her, which I duly did.
We were on a not very busy Charlcombe Lane, and were passed by a chap pushing this impressive grit spreader along the road. He told me that this had been paid for as part of a pilot scheme funded by the Council.  He was expecting more snow, then a partial thaw followed by a freeze - living on a steep country lane, he was taking no chances.
Up on Richmond Road, the sky was leaden and the wind picked up. Last leg of the walk thankfully!
Bella kept on urging me to kick the ball for her. For this she has to drop it, which takes a bit of time with her wagging her tail all the while...
 The "cobweb" roundabout 
 Frosted branches
 Challenging weather for some plants.
 The van is unbothered by a bit of snow.
The snow kept coming (and still is five hours later).  Looked out of the window as dusk came on and saw how blue it was outside.
This day a year ago, I celebrated the joys of driving home on a Friday night after a busy week's teaching at the Degree Factory.
Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

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