Thursday, 9 February 2012

Thursday Bulletin

Walking Bella this morning, struck by the cars parked to take note of the sign, "Please Do Not Park in Front of This Gate".
Croci and snowdrops popping up in profusion …
We had one of these notices through our door recently, now on lamp-posts. Our neighbour's missing cat turned up safely soon after I posted that poster, so hopefully Bumble will return soon...
This sign doesn't refer to the path it's next to, but to the road that curves sharply round to the right.
Another in the ongoing series of abandoned gloves...
Went round to help a friend out with some computer stuff and talked about producing eBooks.  As I arrived, a hint of sunlight promised good weather for the afternoon.
The promise was unfulfilled unfortunately, so our plans of going to Westonbirt were shelved yet again. Maybe in the next few days?

This day a year ago, Su's first gardening of the year - pruning clematis in this garden (picture from the previous June) before she did some iPad teaching.
In a week's time, we'll be on the plane to Hong Kong! Getting excited now…

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  1. Enjoy the trip to Honkers. Let us know when you return unless you decide to move there permanently, of course.