Saturday, 11 February 2012

Sunshine lifts the Spirits

A lovely start to the day - impelled me to stand out on the decking in just my dressing gown in the freezing cold at the back of the house to take photographs!
The font of the house had a lovely glow as well
Once the sun came up properly, everything was bathed in light.
Before I took Bella out, I was struck by this projection of the sunlight through a window decoration onto our blinds.
A happy resolution to the saga of Bumble!  He has been found in a neighbour's shed and returned home.
It was very cold at the top of our road, and the snow still on the hilltops.
"Misty Valley" yet again, looking glorious.

These houses are nearing completion - they now have windows for the new residents to appreciate the views across to Solsbury Hill.
This frost-coated bollard reflects the sun and the sky...
Yet another discarded glove…
Su went off shopping, while I did some domestic chores and some backing up of computers. After lunch we went off to Westonbirt - we knew that it would be cold, but it was such a lovely afternoon and we haven't been there for weeks.  Bella was happy!
The way that the sunlight caught the melted snow, this tree looked as if it was hung with crystals.
Cutting across the woods, we took this path.
Just in case anyone was in any doubt ( having just walked past a whole section where clearing of old growth has been going on for weeks).
The path back down to the car park (eventually).  We had the woods to ourselves for quite a lot of our walk, which was really great.  It was so quiet that we stopped and listened to the sound of the birds flitting around at one point.
This dogwood on the edge of the car park really was this red! The setting sun intensified its hue dramatically.
This day a year ago, Su and Bella went for a walk on a stretch of the  canal between Bradford-on-Avon and Bath.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your day! What kind of camera are you using?