Thursday, 2 April 2015

April Already!

A month has flown since I last posted  to the blog, so this will be mainly a visual précis of highlights of the month, some with commentary and some without. Our big news is that we have changed all our plans for the Summer and are spending most of the next 6 months in Greece! We are renting a friend's house on Symi from the last week in April until nearly the end of October - I'll be back for a few weeks in May to attend to final UWE work and Su will have a brief return in August. We've got house sitters lined up all through the rest of our time away (and no need for them to walk dogs any more, sadly…)

Time is rushing past at an increasing rate - we are off in less than 3 weeks, so lots to do and organise still! March has still been a sunny month, affording our stained glass many opportunities to show off.
A return visit to Glastonbury reclamation to buy some more reclaimed quarry tiles furnished lots of unusual sights.

Nearer to home, a news ign discreetly tucked awayamongst the discarded rubbish.
Walking down from the hospital after a visit, I spotted this hub caps' graveyard
More rays doing their stuff.
Spring has been springing all month, starting with the snowdrops.
Hebe carrying on in their glorious splendour.
Down by the riverside development spotted this magnificent example of industrial engineering by the new flats.
On a trip to Bristol for our monthly top-up of dim sum, we took a walk afterwards and saw this gnomic legend.
It was on Redcliffe Bridge.
Spotted at UWE - some cynic's comment on their democratic processes…
We returned to Hauser & Wirth in Bruton and managed to gain entry this time, and enjoyed some of their outside art (as well as a delicious bowl of soup!). This aspect of this artwork gave the most svelte reflections.

Then it was partial eclipse time, and Su was prepared!
Taken on top of Lansdown - it did get quite murky!
A day or two later, sunshine streamed through our front windows and gave this eye-catching reflection.
A trip to Westonbirt afforded a view of this most unusual fruit from the sorbus maderensis (Madeira Mountain Ash) 
Spotted at Prior Park garden centre - this is what I've needed all these years!:-)
Playing music down at Stephen's ahead of a successful open mic performance at St James' Wine Vaults last Sunday, I suddenly realised that he has a mobile … of mobiles
Off to Wells for a visit to the grounds of the Bishop's Palace - all very medieval indeed
 …apart from the Victorian bit in the middle of this section.
Outside, another reminder of Wells' ecclesiastical connections.
While here is a more pagan reference to Glastonbury Tor, 8 miles away.
A present to an octogenarian bishop…
Another trip in the cool sunshine - this time to Avoncliffe and environs 

One consequence of our spending all Summer in Greece is that we won't have any use for the van, so it is newly cleaned and ready for sale (currently attracting a lot of interest on eBay auction). Sad to let it finally go, but we wouldn't even think of getting any use out of it for at least another year so it is time to bid it farewell and bon voyage. If anyone is interested in buying it, leave a comment at the bottom of this post!
Of all the half-baked ideas!
Our last visit to Westonbirt on the last day of our membership (we are not renewing it) on the last day of March. Lovely sunshine, and a cold wind!

This tree reminded Su of a yoga pose - the Warrior!
I was up in time to catch this lovely sunrise today at the start of a new month.
Just as interesting to me was this superimposition of the reflection in the window against the view of the garden through it along with the reflection of the light from inside the kitchen
This day a year ago, our ranunculus shone out like a beacon!