Sunday, 14 June 2015

It Must Be June Already!

Went back to the UK in early May…
What strange signs they put on supermarket shelves these days!
The artificial peacocks are proliferating…
Out to see a film and dinner afterwards at Bill's we spotted this overblown car.
Getting ready for Carol's fund raising party, we saw this gun outside the local business park - what else would you put there?
It was a Mad Hatter's Tea Party after all.
We went up to Birmingham to celebrate Isobel's first birthday party.
Back from fixing a client's Mac, I spotted this inappropriate car sticker.
Spotted at UWE, not sure quite what these students have been studying…
Down in Bath, the new name for the shop in the former public toilets (with public access rights to their loo) seemed a little too descriptive.
After two weeks we were back in Greece with an overnight stay on Kos with a sea view across to Turkey.
They have a Noddy train there as well.
Back on Symi we spotted this cactus flower in its last days.
An unusual cover for this motorbike.
Walking down to Pedi, spotted this large lizard.
I've got a regular gig as a member of Sometimes Four, or Never Seven or whatever we are called this week.
There's a formula for you!
Lovely sunset light on the side of the Pedi valley.
All lined up and ready to fly.
What else would you put on the back of a flat bed truck, but another flat bed?
Su liked the angle of this sign, and I liked the obvious absence of a roadway beyond it.
Dappled water down at Pedi.
Last of the season's poppies as we walked back up through the Pedi Valley.
A good film in the weekly cinema showing at Manteio's on Sunday nights.
Down at the Secret Garden on Monday night this Greek boy was moved to some dancing.
And on Friday here we were again.
An abandoned item on the fence by the Pedi bus stop - even has "Not Found" as part of the logo.
The building supplies boat was offloading as we waited for the bus
This day a year ago, Bella was out of the kennels after a very short stay and celebrated with a swim at Chew Valley Lake.