Sunday, 23 June 2013

On The Road

Looking out of the front door this grey and damp morning, saw that the vine has put on a lot of growth over the last few days, and that the van was ready for a road trip!
I'm off on a jaunt to see old chums for a few days, while Su gets some snoring-free sleep - apart from Bella's downstairs :-). First stop of the day was at Worcester Services on the M5, which was teeming with people.  I didn't tarry long and carried on to Droitwich to natter and play some music with Mike Green, who played flute in our band at Uni. The afternoon went by very quickly…
Then it was off to Birmingham to Jules' & Jess'. There I finally met up with the apocryphal Jamie. 
Jim appeared after a while - here caught in pensive mood at the dinner table.
Jules and Jess in jovial mood - lots of talk about surveiilance and democarcy (hence the smiles!?) over a lovely meal. The evening has gone on till late , so that only now am I tucked up in the van with an electric hook-up for brighter lights and power to charge devices. Tomorrow/later today, I am off to Manchester…
On 22nd June a year ago, the weather improved and we went out and about in Bath. We passsed the Holbourne Museum (and loved the effect on the railings - but not the columns of the building).

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