Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Two Warm and Sunny Days in a Row

Last night's sunset promised another sunny day after yesterday's treat.
And so it turned out - blue skies and warmth! 
We went off to Hilliers garden centre to buy some more stones for our back garden. Spotted these rather extravagant poppies there.
They have a splendid wisteria display. 
Not confetti but wisteria flowers. 
Later on this afternoon we went off to Westonbirt. It was delightfully empty and the rhododendrons were out.
 Loved these red ones poking through the trees.
 A fulsome specimen.
 Came across a flowering dogwood tree.
 Wispy leaves on this tree.
How else would you expect pedestrians to move? 
Work was in progress getting the arena set up for Friday's concert by Blondie, to be followed by Olly Murs on Sunday - both apparently sold out.
We meandered homewards via the back roads around Sherston. Stopped in Acton Turville getting take-out fish and chips from the pub there. Had a drink while we waited for it to be cooked and were impressed by their smokers' corner.
Home to another lovely sunset. The forecast for tomorrow isn't as promising as today, unfortunately.
This day a year ago, we were also blessed with a sunny warm day. Went down Walcot Street where we saw this cage full of cages.
Su's news story of the day (BBC website - click on the title for the full story):

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