Thursday, 13 June 2013

Flowers and Clouds

Spent the morning backing up computers, working (very slowly) on the bathroom floor and starting to tackle my tax return for 2012-13. A walk with Bella this afternoon was a welcome relief, even if the skies were grey and threatening rain. Spotted this rather magnificent wisteria over an unused garage.
The local authority seems to be carrying out a consultation about the use of obviously very well used paths around Beacon Hill. More forms to fill in, and consultations to respond to! 
Walking down one of the paths in question with blue skies above me, it started to rain.
Rather fine example of  a flowering nettle. 
The weather was mixed - more like April showers than flaming June. 
Pretty flowers - I think they're lacecap hydrangeas just starting to come out. 
Great contrast between the new and the old growth on this conifer (Bella checking out the grass beneath). 
Rather fine specimen of pale lilac. The weather may not have been that brilliant but the flowers this Spring have been magnificent. 
Talking of which, more fine wisteria adorning this garden gate and hedge. 
Heading for home, this was our prospect. Luckily we made it back without any more rain. In fact the skies cleared and it has turned into a lovely evening.  
A blank page waiting for words, abandoned on a garden wall. 
This day last year, I was also plant spotting and admiring these foxgloves. 
Su's news story of the day (Daily Mirror website - click on the title for the full story):
One-legged drugs smuggler caught with cocaine hidden in his false leg

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