Wednesday, 12 June 2013

It's Only Taken 36 Years…

Last night's sunset.
Su went off early this morning after telling me that Bella hadn't been well and was off her food. Bella carried on sleeping for a couple of hours after I got up. Out in the garden, our not-rosa-ragosa has started to shed its petals.
After some chicken and rice Bella perked up and wanted me to play ball.
She went back to sleep and I went off to UWE to meet up with Greg Michaelson - who I last saw in St Andrews in 1977. We've stayed in touch, but never actually coincided - until today.  Here he is, looking every inch the Computer Science prof, harmonicist, and sci-fi writer :-)
Dropped Greg off to run his workshop then I came back to wake Bella up and take her out for a walk. A new small people's bench has appeared next door - and very decorative it is, too.
A neighbour's poppy (actually much redder in real life, but the red overloads my phone's sensors so I've desaturated the picture quite a bit to let the detail of the flower emerge).
A neighbour has made hanging baskets for their front fence that point towards their house. 
An iris emerging. 
"Moneymaker tomatoes free to a good home." 
"So that's what happened to the CD collection!
Clematis flowers. 
A beautifully-scented head of white lilac 
 Alchemilla leaves collecting raindrops.
More (smaller) irises on the way. 
This ivy was trimmed a few years ago, but it's happening again! 
This was a tree when I walked past here a few days ago! Saw the tree surgeons grinding up the trunk and roots yesterday morning. 
This day a year ago, We went to Westonbirt with Carol and little dog, Hattie. Carol identified these prolific flowers as bee orchids.
Su's news story of the day will return in tomorrow's posting

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