Sunday, 2 June 2013

Out and About in Bristol and Bath

Went to Bristol yesterday evening. Spotted this interesting artwork as we walked up Park Road.
Approaching the Wills building. 
Outside a surf-related shop. 
Some lovely architecture aroud this part of Bristol once you manage to look up and away from traffic and shops.
We went to Krishna's Inn, one of our favourite restuarants which specialises in Keralan food. Yummy!
Artwork spotted on a building above Park Street 
Looking down Park Street. 
We wenty to the Colston Hall to see  Eliza Carthy & Jim Moray - Jim Moray did the first set with Eliza Carthy's band, and was OK. The second, much longer set with Eliza Carthy was astonishingly brilliant! Not just folk (as you'd expect) but great music of all sorts - with a 12-piece band (all of whom sang as well) that included a horn and string sections, the dynamic range was tremendous.  A great night out, and highly recommended.  They are playing Edinburgh tonight apparently...
Today, after a late start I have been digging holes in the garden. More will be revealed on Su's next blog posting (normally on Mondays...) 
Taking a break from my "labours", I took Bella out into a lovely afternoon.  Great poppies in a neighbour's garden.
Interesting skies over Solsbury Hill. Noticed that English views also have cables in the way - so it's not just Symi!
Another country lane. 
Went up to Charlcombe churchyard garden with Bella, who promptly jumped into the Holy Well. 
She encouraged me to throw a stick into the well for her to retrieve a few times. 
Pretty flowers in the garden 
This day a year ago, garden reorganisation was also underway with the wood store reassembled and moving back to its former position. 
Su's news story of the day (BBC website - click on the title for the full story):

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