Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Back Down South Again

After a late night nattering to Grahame and Terry who dropped round, it was up and off back down to Bath. I've been behind the wheel most of the day and not seen much while stationary, so a small selection of photographs today. In Rochdale, I saw that the Donald Rigg garden centre empire has grown to encompass this grand establishment.
I was making really good time with no hold-ups - until Junction 11 of the M6.
This went on for several junctions, with no obvious work being done anywhere along the hold-up. Saw this lorry with "Optimum Solutions" as its slogan - wondered what the driver's would be to the traffic jam. 
Stopped at Frankley services on the M5 for a brew and some lunch. Then it was back in the van for the last leg.  It has performed very well indeed - the fuel consumption has improved by about 30% or more since the engine was fixed.
This day a year ago, the rain stopped and we enjoyed a walk up at the racecourse with big skies and sunshine. 
Su's news story of the day (BBC website - click the title for the full story):

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