Friday, 7 June 2013

Giant Hoovers and Trees Galore

Promising sunset last night, but today turned out to be overcast and even brought some rain despite the forecast of wall-to-wall sunshine.
Going round the circus today, we saw this new street cleaning gadget called "Glutton" - basically a giant vacuum cleaner. Liked it so much, we went round the circus again so I could get a decent photo of it.
The wall at the tennis club is finally being rebuilt. 
Went off to Westonbirt this afternoon.  We had planned to go earlier in the week but somehow lost our membership cards between the house and the van (which was parked right outside the house). Despite turning the house and van upside down we couldn't find them - until last night when Su found hers on our front path, and mine in a plant at the side of the path! Anyway, it was worth waiting for, as it has changed so much since we were last there - loads of flowers, including this very later-flowering cherry.
I like these plants very much because they look like clouds - they are in fact Sea Buckthorn
This mallus was in flower from the tip of its lowest branch to the top of its crown - totally festooned with blossom. 
"What's the time, Mr Wolf?" asks the carving on this new addition. Bella wasn't that impressed. 
Bluebells just on the way out, and wild garlic doing very well. 
Able to get close to this staue now that the mud around it has dried out.
This day last year, it rained on and off - Bella and I went up to the Bath Abbey Cemetery and had a jolly time wandering around.
Su's news story of the day (BBC website - click on the title for the full story):

Astronomer William Herschel sculpture unveiled in Bath

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