Monday, 10 September 2012

Guitar Case, Camping Shop and Rain

Thinking about going to Greece, today I looked more closely at the guitar case I bought last week. I realised that the case did not actually meet up at the back - not ideal when putting a guitar on the plane!
So a quick call to the shop I bought the case from (Sounds International in Bath) followed and they exchanged the case for a much better example (did not even ask to see my receipt). Music shops are like book shops to me - somewhere I could spend hours in!
Didn't spend very long at all today - we then drove off towards Trowbridge via Bradford on Avon. Passed this hotel which is being renovated - glad to see that the stencil art and slogan ("Your imagination can give you wings") has not been removed in the process.
This is the bridge that a coach with the touring American band, Baroness, recently went over last month.
Got to Trowbridge and parked at the back of a pentecostal church with this sign at the back. I like the way they identify it as a church of God, rather than any other deity, but especially the "Inc."
We went to BCH to get me a lightweight waterproof coat in case of rain in Greece (and the UK!), but also got a very nifty digital luggage weighing device
By this time we needed a cup of coffee, so it was off to Bradford on Avon to the Fat Fowl. We decided today that they make the best coffee ever in there. I was taken by this creeper's structure in the Car Park.
Walking through the little park, we noticed this absolutely enormous sycamore tree.
Crossing the bridge over the river.
Looking down the river from the bridge. Bradford on Avon has some really distinctive period architecture, as well as some quite tasteful modern buildings.
Leaving town looking up the hill.
Then it was back to Bath, stopping at Larkhall for some supplies - when the rain started.
I though I'd have an opportunity to test out my new waterproof in the field, but the rain fizzled out. Passed this green VW beetle with a green VW model beetle on the dashboard.
In the fields, the hay bales had been stacked up and were being loaded onto a trailer - just as well the rain eased off. 
Umbellifers going through yet another phase - they are changing colour but still preserving their intricate structure.
Great combinations of colours.
This red painting is still on offer - now has a handy suggestion for re-use.
I thought about the several garages I'd passed with similar notices to this - I have never seen any of them with the door open or cars entering/leaving them!
A neighbour's sunflower has unfurled - a bee was very happily collecting nectar from the new flower.
This day last year, I got Su's 4-year old laptop fixed free of charge at the Apple store. Passed this sadly closed specialist guitar shop on the way home. I also had an encounter with a pig up near Charlcombe churchyard.

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