Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Visitors, Swept Chimney, Rainbow

A different day today - to start with Su was up and out early on a trip to RHS Wisley in Surrey, then Tudor came round to talk about fixing the doors under the house. Eventually got out with Bella, when I spotted this shopping bag in the back of a car. This has been one of my frequent choices - along with jazz, funk, folk, psychedelia, electronica…
Interesting lichen pattern on a windowsill.
It's that time of year when virginia creeper comes over walls and starts to change colour - lots of it around Bath at the moment.
It was a drizzly morning, which picked out the spiders' webs really well.
Peeped over a garden wall to see this jolly stand of rudbeckia (black-eyed Susan).
Coming home past the curry pub, evidence of a recent vegetable delivery?
In our garden, autumn is coming too - rose hips are swelling up nicely.
The remains of clematis flowers still look elegant.
Lovely white rose bowed down with raindrops.
Simon - AKA Smiley John Sweep - a former student of mine at UWE, came round to give our chimney its annual sweep. The replacement chimney liner from last year is holding up OK, I was glad to find out. Had some lunch and glanced out of the window to see this rainbow really low down in the valley. I've never seen one so low in the middle of the afternoon before - maybe it was the drizzle that helped it form?
Later on, took Bella for a walk over into Charlcombe Valley but didn't find the pot of gold, apart from the golden newly-mowed fields.
Fading umbellifers make me think of Miss Havisham in Great Expectations…
Spotted this wreath draped over a tree stump - looks like one of the Greek springtime ones, and has been there for some time.
Another beautiful rose.
This day a year ago, I was down at our little local patch of allotment to harvest the beetroot crop. Spotted this forlorn purple toy hanging on the notice board.

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