Saturday, 15 September 2012

We're off to Greece Tomorrow!

Went to see "Hope Springs" at the Little Theatre last night. When we got there the red carpet was out and gold and red banners - not for us, but still in place from a wedding earlier in the day. The film was a comedy - with Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones in the lead roles it was very entertaining  - and very American with a typically happy ending.
Took Bella out this morning for a walk in bright sunshine and sunshine. Saw neighbour's sunflower out fully and proud.
Blackberries ripening up fast now - enough for an early snack before breakfast (and Bella got one too).
Teazles against the sky
This bed -with sedum at the front, michaelmas daisies in the middle and gaura at the back - caught my eye today even though I walk past this spot nearly every day.
Busy day today, so not many photographs. I didn't think pictures of hoovering and mopping floors would be very interesting to readers, so here is the first pack of the suitcase ready to go to Greece tomorrow. So excited! Our blog-averse house sitters have arrived, and we are off tomorrow morning!
This day a year ago, we were camping at Trewan Hall in Devon - no WiFi so a brief blog that day with no pictures.

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