Friday, 28 September 2012

Clouds on Symi!

Another warm day, so we decided that we should spend another day by water. Happily decided that we would go back to Nimborio - we've tried all the beaches on Symi and think that there and St Nicholas are the ones for us. We'll probably see more of St Nick's once we have moved to the Chorio, so Nimborio it was again today. Caught a snap of myself in the reflection from the glass-bottomed boat, along with a few little fish.
Flying the Greek flag on the boat.
The war memorial statue of the fisher boy that used to stand by the clocktower.
It was rush hour as we left. First the Proteus came in opposite the Symi, leaving what looked like a small gap from the quayside
Then the Dodecanese Express came in between them just after a couple of smaller boats had squeezed through.
Leaving Symi harbour showed how cloudy the day was - it didn't make it any cooler though (not that I'm really complaining!). 
Lovely light on the water coming round Harani.
Richard and Barbara turned up at Nimborio, having admirably walked from Harani. We shared a lunch table with them and even enticed Richard in for a dip. As we were getting ready to leave on the last boat, this tetchy donkey was dragged through.
Su got branded by the chair she sat on as "Magnifica" (if you look in a mirror). 
This day a year ago, the sun was shining in the U.K and it was warm (not as warm as Symi at the moment, but better than current U.K temperatures!). I'd stopped to take this photo of the sunset on my way over to Bristol
Good benefit night for the refugees tonight - more news in tomorrow's blog post. Also playing at the Sunrise with George and Clare tomorrow night!

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