Saturday, 1 September 2012

Fruit, Flowers and X-Ray Car

After having our neighbours round for dinner last night, it was a late start but a sunny one. These blackberries are finally starting to be worthy of their name.
It seems a bit early, but these cyclamen are poking through in a shady spot already.
Takes me back to when I was playing cowboys and Native Americans - caps for an 8 shooter!
A neighbour's anenomes waving in the breeze.
We were paid a visit by a very vocal and curious magpie.
We took Bella out for a walk up to Charlcombe church this afternoon. Beautiful rose in a garden we passed on the way.
Saw this mini with a brilliantly well-executed paint job. This was the driver's side.
And the passenger's side.
Su found me this glove for my collection of abandoned garments.
She also found this necklace in the churchyard. Left it there for the owner to reclaim.
Came home and started our grape harvest. This was the first of three bunches picked - tasty, and there are quite a few more left on the vine to ripen a little more.
This day a year ago, we went to the funeral of Ruan, our friends' son. The most celebratory of all funerals I have ever been to.

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