Friday, 14 September 2012

Bits of Bath and a Leaking Water Main

Went to see the premiere of "The Welsh Boy" at the Ustinov Studio last night - free ticket courtesy of Janie, who is stage managing the play. This was the warning on the way up the stairs!
The set was interesting. The play was an adaptation from "The True Anti-Pamela" by James Parry (1741) - eBook free via Google. It had a small cast, was well acted and especially excellently stage-managed(!) - a tale of love, ambition and class.
Today we were out and about - in Prior Park garden centre I saw this plant, whose colour I was especially taken by.
Then it was the joys of Homebase - to return some stuff and to get a replacement bulb for our fridge. At last we can see what's in there after quite a few weeks!
This is part of the new Riverside development, with a view of the Homebase car park, as well as the river.
On the other side of the river, this is River's Street - very different neighbourhood (nice gastro pub just along from here).
Turning on to Julian Road.
The museum of Bath at Work
At the top of Lampard's Street on Lansdown is Ye Olde Farmhouse and this unlabelled, apparently "antiques" shop, which I have never seen open in all the time we've lived here.
Up Lansdown is St Stephen's Church.
Further up Lansdown, a modest little Georgian town house.
Big excitement on our street today. For the last couple of days water has been running down the road - first a trickle, which turned into a rivulet, and then a streamlet. Rang up the water company this morning so we have had this going all afternoon
We had to move our vehicles so others could get past, but that all stopped when the big truck with mechanical shovel was called into play.
Took Bella out for her afternoon walk, passing a newly installed garden gate.
Another lonely glove left abandoned on the pavement.
This field is covered in thistles casting their down into the wind.
Lots of berries appearing on various bushes.
A different type of down on this plant.
Small yellow flowers - look like members of the pea family.
New growth and old on this conifer.
Came back to see that the whole road was now blocked off. It transpired that the leak has been found, apparently in the pipe leading to our house - happily it is going to be fixed (by heavily swearing workmen) later this evening.
This day a year ago, we had just survived our first night of camping in the van with two adults a dog and an awning in windy weather. We were heading for Lynton next.

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