Monday, 17 September 2012

My morning on Rhodes

We were up bright and early for Su to get the 8.30 am ferry - not quite as early as this photo suggests, but after less sleep than I would have liked!
Got to the ferry with bags of time to spare, changed my ticket for the 6.15 pm this evening sailing, and saw Su safely on to the boat.
I decided to stroll back through the old town, which was delightfully empty of tourists at that time of the morning.
Rhodes old town walls are in very good condition, unlike many an English fortification.
Later in the day, this street was thronged with people going up and down to the Knights of St John's castle and Suleiman's Mosque.
I've never noticed this gate before, probably because it has always had people milling around in front of it.
Walking back along the front to the hotel, saw this dog bowl with water in it - a sign of Greeks caring for animals. Changed days indeed.
Three pigeons happily roosting on this heroically posed statue.
Back to the Plaza and time for a decent cup off Illy decaffeinated coffee
Then I packed my stuff up, checked out (leaving my case in the lobby) and went off in search of a guitar. One of the staff at the hotel had suggested that I go out to Analipsi to find a music store somewhere near Apostolou Pavlou church - and that mentioning his name there would get me a good price.
So the taxi dropped me off by the church, and I walked one way up the road until I decided that it must be the other way. Passed this uncompromising graffiti on the way.
This was how near the church the music shop was in the other direction.
Journey's end! Had a very nice time inside playing guitars and talking to the proprietor, an ex-bass player who asked me to explain an American sound engineer's expression to him (he was talk about "muddiness in the mix", which the Greek shop-owner heard as "marine" - no wonder he was confused!) There be a market in explaining such colloquialisms? I got a good price as well!
I decided to walk back into town, as it was mainly downhill and not a tourist area. Spotted this sticker - I may agree with the sentiment if not the language used, especially as there is apparently a march by Golden Dawn supporters on Symi on Saturday. Just what is needed with 100 Syrian refugees there at the moment.
A Turkish influenced small building.
Convulvulus  - or rather, blue bindweed - in profusion.
More evidence of the Turkish part in Rhodes' history.
St John's Gate through the town walls. I made my way through the crowds to our favourite taverna, Boukia..Boukia!! for a large beer and a very tasty lunch.
Then a stroll back to the Plaza, where I installed myself next a power point and caught up with my e-Life with a cooling lemonade. It got very muggy and overcast - to the extent that it has just started raining!

This day a year ago, we had moved on to a campsite on the south coast of Cornwall just along from Mevagissey, and found the very welcoming New Inn in Veryan as well as walking Bella on Nare beach. Here is Su waving a wooden spoon out of the camper van window.

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