Saturday, 8 September 2012

Proofreading, (Re)Tiling and Neighbours

A disappointing start to the morning - very misty despite the forecasts of sunshine (which did materialise later on).
Walking Bella, I saw this van - I expect it gets pulled over quite frequently by police…
I mentioned proofreading in yesterday's blog title - I realised afterwards that I did not explain that. I am doing a bit of proofreading work, and continued this morning - until Microsoft Word crashed on me. I took this as a sign to get away from the computer - so I went and started getting ready to reset some of the tiles in the kitchen.. This took up quite a bit of the day (and the replacement tiles aren't on the wall yet…)
Went out with Su for a break, driving through Bath - past St Mary's church at the bottom of Bathwick Hill, which looked great against the sky.
Driving up Edward Street towards Great Pulteney Street.
Afterwards we took Bella for a bit of a walk - past a neighbour's newly trimmed tree.
Then we swung by another neighbour's allotment to pick (by invitationsome of her raspberry crop while she is away very nice!
Bumped into another neighbour who gave me a thank-you bottle of cava for dealing with the collection of some mattresses from their house while they were away on holiday. Very nice again!
This day a year ago, I parted with a large amount of money in exchange for a van with working gear box and clutch -  should get the value back when I sell the van! Saw this solo child's shoe left on a wall…
Last night we went to see"Anna Karenina" with Keira Knightley and Jude Law. It was very cleverly done - but after a few scenes, both Su and I got bored with the tricksiness of it  and the cartoon nature of the story-telling (plus we aren't very sympathetic to wealthy, pre-revolutionary Russian  aristocrats and their preoccupations). This is one of the few films we've ever walked out of. The rest of the audience seemed riveted - maybe that means we're philistines (but we know what we dislike!).

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