Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Computer Time, Flowers and Sunshine

Spent the morning in front of a computer and doing various admin type tasks. Managed to get out into the sunshine in the garden for lunch before plunging back into the computer zone by doing some tech support for my neighbours with their new-to-them Mac. Got out into the sun with Bella finally and enjoyed the sight of this little buddleia flower in another neighbour's front garden.
Sunflowers against a clear blue sky - better late than never!
I was taken by this white rose as I passed. 
This red rose shows up well, which goes against what I wrote in yesterday's blog.
Quite an inventive numberplate for the firm's name.
Charlcombe Manor's chimneys framed against the blue sky.
In Charlcombe churchyard, Bella found an enormous stick which she happily chewed away at while I photographed the red lichen on this rowan tree
Charlcombe churchyard - a peaceful resting place…
Not a desert cactus but a young monkey-puzzle tree in the Bath sun.
As September gets going, so do the elderberries. Time for jam and wine-making if you're so inclined.
Coming across into the top of Charlcombe valley, the landscape looked beautiful in the sunshine.
I though I heard a tractor somewhere and then I saw it in the field down the hill. Now the fields have finally been mowed I'm not sure they'll be any good for hay, given the number of dogs that go through there!
Somehow in the middle of a mown field, Bella found a old tennis ball (minus it'souter cover). The enormous stick was immediately discarded in favour of her new pride and joy!
On the road back home, saw this on a van - is this for ravers and clubbers, I wonder?
This day a year ago, (constant theme emerging here…) we were exploring ways of finding money to enable us to live in Greece - renting this house out, selling and downsizing in the UK, not buying in the UK? These questions are still live topics of conversation today! Su posted this lovely picture of a friend's cat Cirrus.

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